ballroom dance instruction with Curt & Wendy Johnson


Now THIS is the way to learn how to ballroom dance!


Curt & Wendy Johnson are certified ballroom dance instructors, who have taught together for over 40 years.  Although trained in a studio, they choose to teach in community settings instead, where they can keep prices truly affordable for all, and so they can be accessible to many more people.

Classes are only $5/person(!) and provide a relaxed environment within which to learn how to dance.  Curt & Wendy have a wealth of knowledge and bring it to the public in a fun and often humorous way.  They share plenty of “secrets” to help you become a good social dancer, teaching true lead and follow, rather than simply step patterns.

These classes are not for the person who seeks competition dancing; these are for the average person who simply wants to connect socially on a dance floor and look good doing it.  Classes are available for teens, senior citizens, and everyone in-between, in and around Birmingham, Alabama.  

Ballroom dancing is a great way to bridge the generations, and a wonderful activity for both the body and the soul.

                             C’mon ... give it a try.  You’ll be glad you did!

205-532-0747    Curt’s cell

205-504-1493    Wendy’s cell